Introducing True Wealth Management

If True Wealth is the term we use to describe the things that are most important to you, and Wealth Management applies to the nuts and bolts of organising and planning your finances, then True Wealth Management is our way of bringing those two things together.

At Emery Little, we create financial plans for our clients which are designed to make the most of their wealth, firstly by investing for growth or income in line with their objectives, and secondly, by using it to fulfill their dreams. We see money as an enabler, not as an end in itself.

A Roadmap for the Future

We help our clients to create 'roadmaps for the future', which help find the balance between wealth management and true wealth. We believe in living life on purpose, and we want to give you the tools to be able to do so.

Go on, spoil yourself!

It’s often said that money can’t buy happiness, and we agree that there is limited joy to be found in simply watching investments grow. But experience tells us that the secret of True Wealth is to stop focusing on how much money is in the pot, and instead work out how it can help you live life to the full.

So we liberate our clients from long-held beliefs about money and give them permission to enjoy their wealth now as well as using it to safeguard the future.