David's Story

Jenny and I have two children, who are now in their late twenties. When I first approached Emery Little, I had worked for BP since I was 27 and climbed the corporate ladder fairly successfully – I had risen to become part of Group Leadership.


I had my Final Salary Pension Scheme and held a large number of BP Shares, which had accumulated over the years through Share Option schemes, including the Executive ones. We had cash in the bank, and some investments, mainly ISAs, but there was little structure to our finances. We knew we were doing OK financially, as I kept detailed spreadsheets of expenditure and investments. But we had no plan, no way of really knowing what the future would look like.

I’ve always valued financial security, and am definitely a saver not a spender. We had been overpaying the mortgage for a number of years – something that I started after a seminar which Emery Little gave about 15 years before!


I was working very long hours, I've always been very committed to my career. When I first came to Emery Little, I knew that I would like to retire at 60. But that still seemed a long time to wait before spending more time with my family! I was looking for ways to find more time for the family sooner, especially with the kids both living away from home. However, I had no idea how I could achieve that and maintain our lifestyle.

In truth, the idea of retirement was, and still is, a bit daunting. I've always been used to having an important role at work, respected and looked to for answers.

Emery Little

As we worked through the True Wealth Management process with Emery Little, it really helped us to focus on what mattered most. Our family goals became crystal clear. I am now confident that I can retire, and soon! I don’t need to earn any more money and that is incredibly liberating. I can now view my (newly revamped) investment portfolio from a more functional perspective, seeing what it enables us to do, rather than focusing on the numbers. My spreadsheets are long gone. I can now plan to pursue my passion for music that was put to one side while I focused on my career.

Jenny feels much more connected to our financial situation now too, which was previously always my domain. She even uses the client hub on her iPad. What gives me great peace of mind, is that now I know, if something happens to me, she knows what’s what, and who to speak to.