Graham and Jill's Story

We first visited Emery Little three years after Jill and I both retired. We had three children and ten grandchildren at that point (another one since then!). We had both had successful careers and we were finding it quite hard to adjust to a new, retired lifestyle.


We had both accrued a decent pension and had a comfortable and guaranteed income for life. When I retired, I had attended retirement seminars, and had taken advice from an IFA on the investment of my tax-free lump sum. As a result, we had a significant pot of investments which were steadily rising.


Although we knew we are comfortable income wise, we felt that we are just watching our money grow. We wanted some help knowing how to help the grandchildren and our IFA hadn't really given us any interesting ideas. Jill used to get really bored during the meetings, and hadn't bothered to come to the last few.

We were also concerned about Inheritance Tax, as we own a large house in Surrey as well as our investments.

Emery Little

Emery Little took us through a deep life and financial planning process. This considered how to use our wealth to help the entire family in ways that wouldn't stifle the kids' own drive or ambition. It also looked at how to plan for long-term comfort in old age, and a strategy to reduce inheritance tax.

Their impressive Financial Forecasting identified extra ways that we could use the income from our investments to fulfill our own ‘bucket list’. The list is still growing, with friends and family helping to make suggestions, some more extreme than others!

Meanwhile, Jill has discovered a new interest in the planning. Before, she had been put off by spreadsheets and dull meetings, but now she feels we have ‘permission’ to spend money on what we want, rather than what we need, the numbers look a lot more interesting.