Initial Planning

Introductory call

A short call, entirely at our expense. Your opportunity to get the answer to any burning questions, and to find out how much value we could add to your situation.

Exploration Meeting

A face to face meeting with one of our Planners, charged at a fixed rate, getting to know you and your situation. By the end of this meeting, you will be clear on whether we want to work together, how much that work will cost you, and the value the work will add to your life.

We will agree fees at this stage, based on your individual situation, before undertaking any further work.

Vision Meeting

Our opportunity to really get to know you, your dreams, aspirations and what your True Wealth really looks like.

Obstacles Meeting

Here, we will use the various sophisticated tools at our disposal to find a way through the obstacles (financial and otherwise) that might hold you back from realising your True Wealth. We will work together to create a financial planning strategy for your future.

Knowledge Meeting

This final stage of our Initial Process, will ensure that you understand all elements of the plan we have agreed, and are in a position to put it all into action.

Keeping You On Track

Each year, we will send you a snapshot update of your Investments, and then we’ll meet to check on progress. This will involve reviewing your Financial Plan, as well as catching up on what you’ve been doing to ‘live life on purpose’.

We will also discuss any changes in your circumstances, and any changes to legislation that may be relevant to you. In the light of all that, we’ll make sure all of our advice remains appropriate, and make a plan together, for the coming year.

We will then confirm everything we’ve agreed in writing. During the year we will of course, be on hand to answer any of your queries or be a sounding board for ideas. We’re always happy to hear from you.