Who he is

Woods joined Emery Little as an administrator in 2013, following in the footsteps of his big brother Alfie. He soon moved on to a more technical administrative role, and later became a paraplanner. His involvement in client meetings opened his eyes to the positive impact Emery Little could have on people’s lives, and this inspired his move to become a Financial Planner.

What he does

As a Chartered Financial Planner, Woods really enjoys working with clients and helping them achieve their potential. He loves that with financial planning there is always so much more to learn and so much experience to gain. A realistic optimist, Woods has his feet on the ground with his practical, positive approach to life.

His true wealth

Woods loves to grab life with both hands – and that applies equally to life outside work as to his career. He is passionate about his family and friends, especially his partner Charley. He loves sport, exercise, live music and good food. His idea of bliss is watching (or playing) anything that involves a ball on a green field, especially if his friends and family are there too!


In his own words...

In this blog, Woods shares more about his journey to becoming a Chartered Financial Planner and what drives him both in and out of work.