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Meet the experts: Helen Andreou

By Helen Andreou

Posted 17th Feb 2022

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

We’re aware that a lot of the time, the person whom you as a client come into regular contact with at Emery Little is your financial planner; the personal face of your investment plans and aspirations. But behind this knowledgeable face is a whole team of other specialists, applying their expertise and experience to inform, manage and support your financial plans. 

We feel we want you to ‘meet’ these people and give you a sense of Emery Little as a whole.

So let us introduce Helen Andreou, our numbers whizz and responsible for business administration.

Take it away, Helen

My talent for numbers started at a very early age- I always enjoyed Maths. It wasn’t surprising that I was top of the class!

My first job was at a government organisation and within 6 months I was promoted into a position processing various types of insurance applications and payments for government employees. After that I worked in a few other companies which all involved different types of insurance and number work.

I joined Emery Little in February 2015 as an Administrator on reconciliations. Then I progressed into handling the accounts and reconciling all incoming and outgoing payments. I’m also responsible for producing various management reports throughout the year including year-end.

My job can be a challenge, but I very much enjoy working with data and solving issues, as and when they arise. I know my role is an important one for the company so you could say I’m a bit of a perfectionist with a flair for detail!

Away from work I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking and dining out. I love going for relaxing walks!