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Meet the experts: Zara Sagheer, Client Review Administrator

By Zara Sagheer

Posted 14th Aug 2021

Reading Time: 3 Minutes

We’re aware that a lot of the time, the person whom you as a client come into regular contact with at Emery Little is your financial planner; the personal face of your investment plans and aspirations. But behind this knowledgeable face is a whole team of other specialists, applying their expertise and experience to inform, manage and support your financial plans.  

We feel we want you to ‘meet’ these people and give you a sense of Emery Little as a whole.  

So let us introduce our Client Review Administrator, Zara Sagheer.

Over to you Zara…

After getting my degree in Business Studies from the University of Hertford, I started working in financial services, trust management and pensions. Among others, I’ve worked for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Marks and Spencers and Carey Pensions. My career has even taken me overseas with a period spent in Dubai working first for a boutique fiduciary firm called Minerva, and later as Head of Business Development and Client Relations for Trident Trust. 

And that brings us to the here and now. 

At Emery Little, I’m responsible for ensuring many of our back office tasks run smoothly. This means that, depending on the day, I can be working on client reviews, valuations, business process, client communications and internal communication across teams on different projects and tasks to ensure we meet our targets. I also get to work with the Business Administration team on special projects and I help the paraplanning team when needed.

I’ve worked in many places but have never been made to feel as welcome and part of the team as I have at Emery Little. That comes down to the people. The leadership team are encouraging and supportive and the wellbeing of teams is a priority – I really appreciate that. 

Whether it’s working with clients or as a team, taking the ‘human’ into consideration is behind everything we do and that’s important to me. 

I’m proud to be part of the process that ensures clients have a good picture of their investments. I’d like to think that the way I communicate with clients is helpful and makes them feel that they could come to me with any problem and I’d be able to guide them in the right direction. 

With all that, you may be surprised to hear that I have any spare time to spend on my own interests. But I do, and I make sure to fill that time with activities that fulfil me. 

I love to cook and food is really important to me. I enjoy spending time with my family –  I have a son who is nearly 6 years old, a daughter of nearly 14 and, of course, there’s my husband and my mother who is 75 next year. I love languages and I like to learn them for fun. I knit for charity and I enjoy making sequin artwork, even though it can be a slow process. 

I’d love a dog; I’ve even picked out the breed – a short haired German Shepherd, but I have too much on at the moment to be able to commit to a pet. Even without the dog, I consider myself very lucky and supported by my family, friends and colleagues.