The February investment committee meeting

By Harry Dunkinson

Posted 3rd Mar 2023

Reading Time: 1 Minute

Cogs with pound signs inside

The Emery Little investment committee met in February and our Financial Planners, Harry Dunkinson and Michael Gibbins discuss some of the high level themes in this video.

They discuss:

  • The role of the investment committee
  • An introduction to our investing partners, Albion Strategic Consulting
  • The nature of discussion at the investment committee
  • Reviewing the data to ensure portfolios are still serving the long term aims of financial plans – the good news is that they are 
  • Investment volatility

Harry and Michael also mention two books in the video. They are Smarter Investing by Tim Hale and the Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel. You may remember us reviewing Psychology of Money here.

If you have problems viewing the video, try this link instead.

If you’d prefer to read the discussion, here’s the transcript.

If anything in this video raises a question for you, please get in touch.