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True crime, Ukrainecast and diary of a CEO

By Joel Williams

Posted 15th Dec 2022

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

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From time to time, members of our team share what’s currently on their read, watch and listen lists.

Associate Planner, Joel Williams, shares his favourites. 

The listening list 

I’ve really got into podcasts lately. I really enjoy listening to The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett. He has some great guests with inspirational stories and it offers so many tips and takeaways. It demonstrates that even hugely successful individuals face issues – a message which is extremely powerful in todays ‘Instagram society’.  It’s a useful reminder that we don’t need to have it all together, all of the time!

I’m also listening to Ukrainecast,  a BBC news podcast on the Ukraine war. I have always been interested in history and wars and this is a really informative and balanced way of staying up to date with what’s happening.

Music wise, I have quite a broad and varied taste and been listening to a few different artists. I really like a guy named Rhys Lewis. And there is Tom Misch and Loyle Carner who, by happy coincidence, also collaborate from time to time. I’ve also got back into a band from my school (and heavy rock) days called Brand New.  

The watch list

I’ve just finished a couple of programmes – The Handmaids Tale and SAS Rogue Heroes. The Handmaid’s Tale is quite a challenging watch at times but is so gripping and is one my all-time favourites.

I’ve recently completed the BBC’s SAS Rogue Heroes which focuses on the formation of the SAS. With a great cast, it’s informative and funny!

Up next is a new series of 24 Hours in Police Custody – I’m a big fan of true crime programmes so I’m looking forward to it.