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Meet the experts: Marcus Farnfield, Financial Planner

By Marcus Farnfield

Posted 15th Feb 2021

Reading Time: 3 Minutes


Who he is

Marcus joined Emery Little as a Financial Planner in 2020, after getting to know Jo, Alfie and Woods at a number of professional events.   

It’s fair to say Jo and Alfie set their sights on persuading Marcus to join Emery Little, convinced that they’d benefit from Marcus’ considered approach, open mind and appetite for learning. 

Marcus started his career running a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Uganda before moving back to the UK to join a small financial advisory business. Having landed in financial services, Marcus built up his experience and knowledge over a number of roles before joining Emery Little as a Financial Planner. 

With experience in organisations of different shapes and sizes, Marcus understands the positive effect good teamwork and a strong culture have on personal and professional development, not to mention the ways in which these factors can lead to better outcomes for clients. Emery Little’s culture was the deciding factor in his move to join the team.

What he does

In his first job in financial services, Marcus gained a broad sense of the different roles that are needed to successfully run a financial planning business. Since then, and as his career has progressed, he’s become increasingly specialised.   

As he’s worked through the professional exams, Marcus has come to realise that financial planning can do more than just help people get the most out of their money. He believes that, when you boil it all down, financial planning is really about helping people to get the most life out of their lives.  

He believes that helping people to feel like they’ve making the most of their time on this planet is a serious but incredibly fulfilling responsibility.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Marcus is always seeking different perspectives and looking for opportunities to learn from others. If he’s not tuned in to one of the many podcasts for financial planners, he’s playing an active role in the NextGen community – a professional body for up and coming financial planners.  Like many other Emery Little team members, he’s also had his eyes opened by the teachings of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning.

Marcus’ True Wealth

Marcus grabs every opportunity to be outside and is often joined by his young family on these outdoor adventures. Before they got married, Marcus and his wife Niamh cycled the length of the Rockies on mountain bikes and are now patiently waiting for their new-born son to grow up enough to get on a bike of his own. Until then, there’s plenty of time to enjoy beautiful walks in the Oxfordshire countryside as a family.

In his own words, he is a ’bit of a geek’ with a real interest in technology, systems and processes. Well, we did warn you!