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The team behind your financial plan – Ever wondered about what goes on behind the scenes at Emery Little?

By Emery Little team

Posted 25th Nov 2020

Reading Time: 3 Minutes

You’re no doubt well-used to meeting regularly with your Emery Little financial planner to review your plans, aspirations and investments. You hopefully regard him or her as a highly knowledgeable expert, with years of experience and insight to bring to your portfolio. 

But have you ever wondered about the team behind your financial planner? The other experts beavering away in the Emery Little offices (or currently at home!), whose knowledge and experience is instrumental in supporting your planner and delivering the trusted advice and service you receive?

We thought we’d give you a little ‘behind the scenes’ insight into who makes up this crack team – from the business managers to the paraplanners and administrative staff. We’ll be doing some profiles on individual team members over the coming months; but to start with, here’s a snapshot of the Emery Little team as a whole, giving you more of a sense for who is creating, managing and supporting your financial plan in different ways every day.

The Financial Planning Team 

  • Your own dedicated financial planner is supported by a wider team of colleagues who discuss market trends and developments, industry best practice, the latest emerging data and individual portfolios on a daily basis; pooling their expertise and supporting each other’s high standards and depth of knowledge.
  • This team of experts have almost 85 years of planning experience between them.
  • Several of the team are Chartered Financial Planners.
  • Three team members have earned Registered Financial Planner designation from the Kinder Institute of Life Planning.
  • Together they boast an exceptional range of financial expertise including complex scenarios such as pensions planning, trusts and estate planning.
  • All the Emery Little planners ensure their knowledge and skills are constantly renewed and expanded through membership of NextGen Planners, an industry body driving professional standards through training, support and community. Jo Little is also part of NextGen Planners’ leadership team 


The Paraplanning and Administrative Support Team

  • Our financial planners can only operate with the support and expertise of the rest of the office staff; a talented and capable team with detailed technical knowledge.
  • Between them our paraplanners and administrative team have 65 years of experience in financial services.
  • Three of the team have a Diploma in Financial Planning, and a number of our administrators hold the Chartered Insurance Institute’s Award in Financial Administration.
  • This proficient team share a detailed up to date knowledge of taxation, trusts, pensions, CGT and investment bonds.


The Business Management Team

  • This indispensable team are responsible for all the essentials in keeping the business ticking over, from ensuring Emery Little comply with regulations to managing our finances. 
  • They also help set direction and leadership for the business.
  • With almost 30 years’ experience in business management between them, we rely hugely on their calm insight, efficiency and expertise.

So there you have it: your financial planner is just the tip of the iceberg, with a pyramid of people beneath supporting, complementing and facilitating the management of your financial plans. We look forward to introducing them to you further over coming months, building your familiarity with the whole team who contribute to your financial future.