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Jane and Simon

It was hard to see the bigger picture and feel like we could make significant life decisions with confidence.

Jane and Simon: Their challenge

Before we started working with Michael at Emery Little, we struggled to understand our overall family finances and the options open to us. We’d worked with other financial advisers in the past but had always been disappointed with the service they offered. 

Reaching 50, we wanted to get our finances in order. We had two children considering university and were wondering whether retiring at 55 was an option for us. 

We had savings and investments in many different places and had accumulated a reasonable pot of savings from living abroad for five years, so we thought we were in a good position. Even so, it was hard to see the bigger picture and feel like we could make significant life decisions with confidence.

Our diagnosis

When Simon and Jane came to us, they didn’t have a financial plan. They’d made great financial decisions in the past, which had put them in a strong position but, because their investments were all over the place and there was no strategy, they didn’t know if they had enough money to retire when Jane turned 55. It would be fair to say that without clear strategy or direction Simon and Jane were in a state of limbo. 

Our challenge was to first work out what investments and pensions they had, where they were and what we could do with them. There was extra complexity with some investments based overseas.  

Once we’d established a clear picture of Simon and Jane’s existing investments and pensions, we built their financial forecast to illustrate their overall financial position.

With this, we were able to give them the confidence and clarity that they could retire once Jane reaches 55. 

The forecast also highlighted how complex their financial position had become, so we worked together to simplify their financial position. Among others steps, we consolidated all of their investments onto a single platform and adopted an investment strategy which would power their financial plan for decades to come. 

We also made sure that Simon and Jane were making the best use of their surplus income and continued to utilise tax efficient allowances. 

The difference it’s made to Jane and Simon

We’re much more confident in the decisions we’re making. 

We can clearly see the overall position of our family finances and have more much clarity with all our savings and investments in place. 

Through regular communication with the Emery Little team, we stay focussed and they make sure we’re doing what we need to do, when we need to do it. 

The initial planning sessions helped us set direction and with a plan in place, we know we can get there. 

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